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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Draft Box 06

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Draft Box 06

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Iconic Giant Characters in One Box!

ALL NEW CARDS Like Draft Box 05, Draft Box 06 also contains all new cards only! A total of 145 new card types! Many cards power up giant character decks like Great Ape Bardock or Hirudegarn!

UNISON CARD CAMPAIGN RARES! 12 ICONIC GIANT CHARACTERS GATHER AS UNISON WARRIORS! The new Unison Card type makes its Campaign Rare debut! These supremely powerful giant characters like Great Apes, Hirudegarn, and Cell:Xeno will turn the tide of battle!

DRAFT PLAY WILL BE CONTINUOUSLY SUPPORTED FOR FUTURE EVENTS! Draft can be played within a small group and is one of the formats DBSCG will continue to support. We aim to have Draft tournaments continuously held at local stores and large events to attract more players towards draft play!


  • Leader Card ×1
  • Common ×60
  • Uncommon ×30
  • Rare ×18
  • Super Rare ×24
  • Campaign Rare ×12 CONFIGURATION
  • 4 Sets per Box
  • 6 Boxes per Case

*Image subject for change